Rail Freight Service

Rail Freight Service

Iran is perfectly placed as a gateway CIS countries (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirghizstan, and Kazakhstan) via Persian Gulf and to China to/from Tehran. The rail route used is via Jebel Ali to Sarakhs rail station then on forwarding up to all rail stations in CIS countries, Russia and China.

As well as offering a more economical service, there are many other advantages for using rail services. Although all of our freight forwarding services are secure but rail remains on the lowest risk. When transit time is not your first concern, rail freight offers flexibility, reliability and lower risk delivery at competitive prices. For moving SOC containers there is no weight limitation for transporting cargoes loaded in 20 ‘& 40’ by rail since no surcharge for extra weight will be paid to railway in this mode of transport and the same container will be loaded up to max payload and will be moved up to final destination.

Different railway corridors in this region are listed below:

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