Project Shipments

Project Shipments

KGP Co is honored to offer transportation services for project shipments and a big volume of containers in shortest time. We have moved many project consignments such as cotton, scrap metal, fertilizers, grains, etc. from CIS countries to all over the world via Bandar Abbas port/Iran.

We have also good experience in advising the best means of transportation and routes for any movement which makes our company distinguished for our clients and our partners. Anyhow, we do welcome any opportunity to work with your esteemed company for your required services.

We hereby name some of our project shipments as follows:


The most popular option for the transportation of grain from CIS countries to Iran ports is railway transport. Transportation of grain by rail makes it possible to optimize the cost per ton of cargo being transported.

Special wagons (hopper-grain trucks) and converted covered wagons are used to carry out the transportation of grain. In covered wagons the grain is transported, both in bulk and in bags.

Hopper-grain trucks provide maximum protection of grain. This is conditioned by a set of factors:

The transportation of cargo in hopper-grain wagons allows transporting up to 70 tons of grain, and in covered wagons from 60 to 68 tons. Loading is carried out on specially adapted for this purpose stations with the help of an elevator. A well-developed network of railways facilitates the realization of such transportation practically at any distances to the places of their storage, processing or export.


Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and Iran are among important cotton producing countries. Growers harvest over 1.05 million tons of high-quality cotton. We gained professional knowledge regarding the rules and regulations concerning the handling and transportation of cotton during these years.

Transporting this amount of cotton in pick seasons from these origins up to B.abbas and arranging transit export formalities there is one of our main project shipments we are dealing with every year. The packing should be proper enough in order to avoid any damage during its journey up to destination. Inner surface of the truck should be in a manner which prevent humidity penetrate inside. Health certificates will be issued by Veterinary organization for every shipment. Issuing loading permission, CMR and border formalities all will be arranged by us in origin and route.


The contract involved us for the delivery of thousand tons of pipe, Special Thread Casing and Heavy-caliber Casing from china port to B.abbas and transit by truck to  Balkan Abad/Ymambaba /Anew and some other cities in Turkmenistan for constructing  Gas pipeline. This Pipe shipment belongs to pipeline project from Turkmenistan to China which will transport Caspian Sea natural gas from Turkmenistan through Uzbekistan into Kazakhstan and then to china. The process of loading and transportation has been done all by KGP group


Iran is the third largest producer of sulfur in the Middle East. As products are with high quality and purity, we were able to export these products to countries such as China, India, Latin America and Africa, …  which are the main buyers of sulfur.

The sulfur produced is usually transported to Bandar Abbas by rail. The packaging of this product is offered in bulk or in 50-kilogram bags and one-ton jumbo bags, which makes it possible to transport goods by shipping line to countries via Bandar Abbas port. You can trust us as our teams are professional, skilled and flexible.


Iran, like many other countries, is active in chemical products and exports these products to the countries required by this industry by its major ports, including the ports of Imam Khomeini, Shahid Rajaei, Shahid Bahonar, Khorramshahr, Lengeh, Amirabad, Anzali, Bushehr and Nowshahr and Imam Khomeini port is the main export base.

In Iran, about one hundred types of chemicals and petrochemicals have been exported to other countries. In recent years, Ammonia has been the most exported, and Propane, Methane and Sulfur are next in line for export.

 The company has all the steps related to marketing, customs clearance and clearance, chemical rules and regulations and the import of goods and principles and the legal framework of international trade agreements established by the Chamber of Commerce or through other institutions affiliated with the Ministry. The business is following the recommended procedure to ensure that the shipping process is smooth

  • Providing and arranging commercial documents and obtaining export licenses and registering orders
  • Coordinating the transportation of goods from the entry points and wharves in Bandar Abbas customs and Bushehr and Dubai customs to the warehouse of the owner of the goods
  • Predicting and recognizing obstacles in customs activities and clearance of goods and timely notification to the owner of the goods
  • Estimating the exact cost and commercial calculations for clearance and customs affairs based on the customs tariff table
  • Daily report to the owner of the goods on the manner and steps of clearance formalities


Our mission is to combine and harmonize aggressive project cargo freight forwarders and logistics companies with qualified partners and services that bring competitive advantages to provide the best service value for their clients

Car transit

We have a lot of experiencve in car transits within different countries under our belt.

For Foreign travelers and tourists or car suppliers who decide to use car transit, we have some option for your secure and in the fastest time.

  • Safety, speed and reliability are some of the benefits of sending a car by plane

Air transport and car supplies from all countries (China, South Korea, Germany, France, Dubai, etc.) to Iran

  • Train Although it is not usual to carry a car but it can be considered one of the most economical options for transporting, especially over long distances. Usually, people who do not have a problem with time and want to pay a lower and better price, prefer to carry the car by train.
  • Another way to transport cars for import or transit is through the sea route and via main port of Iran, Bandar Abbas. we can do all formalities at Bandar Abbas and readiness the cargo to start trucking freight to final destination.

This method is the choice of many transmitters due to its cost-effectiveness and coverage in different parts of the world.


We have the honor of taking part in project of transporting fertilizer from Uzbekistan by rail and truck up to B.abbas and depo the bags in big warehouses of B.abbas .After the whole shipment gathered in mentioned warehouses then the process of customs formalities and transferring fertilizers to vessel will all be arranged by KGP group.


According to geological and official studies conducted in Iran and the world. Iran seems to have a very significant part of the world's raw gypsum reserves in its heart.

The costs for transporting the gypsum from Persian Gulf ports is very economic

There are already many potential customers for this product in India, China, Pakistan and Central Asia. you can count on full transparency, and on the confidential handling of your freight details or cargo documents.

Bitumen/ Asphalt

Iran Asphalt /bitumen is considered to have one of the highest standards in the world with respect to its quality and the service to its clients. We offer Iran origin bitumen available world-wide. We are proud to supply Iranian bitumen in multiple grades 60/70, 80/100, 85/100, 85/25, and 40/50 just to name a few. Delivery will also be on our responsibility.

Construction material logistics/stone

Iran own quarries of Marble, Limestone, Travertine and Granite in different colors and Textures. We can supply and move Stone to local and International clients.

Iran ranks in seventh in the world with 4.7 billion tons of building stone reserves.
Important types of building stones produced and exported in Iran including Granites, Marbles, Travertines, and Porcelain and Crystal.

Iran's rocks are exported to 5 continents. Slab stones usually have stone sheets with a length of 70 cm to 3 m and a width of 70 cm. Due to that, transporting this good would be very sensitive there is a solution load the containers at factories door to save the slab stones without twice loading and unloading from truck at port. our members will get the best service and competitive rates through fellow agents.